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Keep Your Intentions Where You Can See Them

Accept Yourself.

Live Courageously.

Encourage Others.

Control Your Thoughts…They Become Your Destiny.



I had an interesting week. It had the usual ups and downs, some work got done, other work got pushed aside, workouts happened and for whatever reason, I took care of some things this week that had needed doing for a long time. Wow. Sometimes, its the little things you finally get around to doing that make you feel incredible. But, it can be so, so very hard to make yourself do them. I don’t know why this is, and I’ve studied a lot about motivation and determination. One thing I’ve found that works (for me at least) is surrounding yourself with your intentions. And, when I say “surround” I mean visually, emotionally and physically. Here’s an example (I hope this makes sense, BTW)….

I have a goal of (FINALLY) launching my website. I’ve had this goal for more than 2 years. In fact, I’ve intended to create a website for my business for nearly 10 years!!! I have a million excuses as to why I haven’t gotten around to doing this. But, mostly the reason I’ve not done it is FEAR. Fears like this:

  • It will take too much time

  • It will be expensive

  • It won’t look the way I want it too

  • No one will visit it or they won’t like it

  • It’ll be a lot of work to keep it up to date


Okay, now any of those things could be true. But for the most part, they are just

my fears talking in my head. Its this way with almost EVERYTHING we want to accomplish. So, the statements up at the top of this message are my current “REMINDERS”….they aren’t really mantras….I think mantras are usually one word statements that we turn to in moments of stress or crisis (like breathe, relax, be strong, etc). Reminders for me are key words and statements that I want to keep foremost in my mind as I go through my day. I actually have these statements printed and taped to my computer where I sit a lot. I also use a lot of music that reminds of these same themes and I listen to it while I work out. Some people do the same thing with pictures. The point is that these “reminders” interrupt my self-talk and get me through the curtain of negativity that often prevents me from taking the action I need to progress toward my goal.

Anyway, I think no matter what your goal is, whether you’re attempting to do something athletically, professionally, or otherwise it can help to keep your intentions where you can see them :-)

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