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What I Offer

There are many paths to success.  Select one below or contact me and I'll customize something just for you.
Health Rx: One-Time Consultation or a Kick Starter Package
Price:  $150-399

This can either be a one time consultation to review your diet and medical history, as well as your training or fitness plan, or a series of visits (4) that will be spread over 3-4 months.  Before we meet, I'll ask you for a detailed food and training record and any relevant medical history.  During our meeting, we'll discuss ways that you can optimize both your eating style and your training to fit your needs and lifestyle.  I don't offer one-size fits all plans:  what works for you is unique.  After we've reviewed everything, I'll develop a specific set of recommendations, a nutrition/fitness Rx that you can follow.  You can set up an appointment here

Training Plans:  $99
Iron Girl Plan (Sprint Distance)

Olympic Distance (1.5m swim, 40k bike, 10k run)

Swim Training Plans (750m, 1500m, 1.2 miles, 2.4 miles)


Purchase any of my plans and I'll help you customize it to your schedule.  In addition, you can contact me at any point with training questions.  And, you can attend one of my seminars or clinics free of charge.

Clinics and Seminars
Nutrition Seminars
Bike Clinics
Open Water Clinics w/Transition Practice

I offer a variety of different group training sessions throughout the year.  Upcoming seminars and clinics are described above. If you need more information or want to schedule something privately, just contact me.

Monthly Coaching:  $250 per Month
I plan your training and guide your food choices.  

This plan is all inclusive.  I assess your diet, fitness, strength, form and then develop an individualized training plan just for you.  Each week, your training plan is put into Training Peaks. Once a week, we'll go over how the week went and make adjustments for the next week. Measurement is also essential for success so plan on being assessed regularly.  In addition, you'll have access to discount services through my partners.  If this interests you, contact me.

And take the first step toward your goals

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